Periodically, an agency, business or prospective student will ask for named references from past courses.

However, it is the policy of L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC to respect and protect the individual privacy of our former students and our professional associates.

Therefore, we will not release the personal names and/or contact information of a student or associate without obtaining their permission, first.

Furthermore, L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC does not sell, or release the individual names or contact information of our students and associates, to any commercial mailing list companies, or other advertising entities.

What Really Matters

1:1 Instructor to student ratio in class, also ensures each student fully grasps the concepts and techniques

At L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC our instructors have utilized their skills to conduct 'sneak & peek' operations, serve search warrants, enter locked containers, and gain access to secured yards/areas for police personnel, during suspect searches & SWAT operations. So, why is this information important to our students? Because L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC instructors teach from firsthand knowledge, experience and abilities. We teach our students the same skills, techniques and procedures that work for us in the field.

Experience that counts

At L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC our method of instruction is based on providing our students with 'hands on' experience in the class. Our company prides itself on not only instructing and demonstrating the techniques, but by conducting practical 'break-out' sessions, so each student performs the technique, too.

Other companies that charge more for their courses will merely 'demonstrate' a majority of the techniques for the students to observe, due to cost factors, equipment needed, and the number of instructors required to teach/monitor the technique. At L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC we believe the 'hands on' learning style works best.

In fact, the other companies will often use only 1 or 2 instructors for an entire class, which greatly increases the instructor - to - student ratio and negatively affects the learning curve. At L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC we never use less than 2 instructors per class, and have provided up to 5 instructors to ensure the best teaching & learning student environment.

Courses are professionally structured to enhance the student's learning

L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC instructors are active law enforcement personnel with diverse backgrounds and police experience. In fact, combined our instructors possess over 75+ years of full-time law enforcement experience, 17+ years of SWAT tactical experience, and over 20+ years of lock picking, circumvention and by-pass experience. This not only includes individual patrol lock picking experience, but lock picking on behalf of federal, state, county and other L.E. municipalities, as well.

Student 'hands-on' breakout sessions with instructor monitoring ensures success

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Lock Picking, Circumvention, Bypass & Surreptitious Techniques

Students are exposed to over 450+ domestic and international locks

The most important factor: successfully instructing you

Please Read: "LOCT Associates LLC is not associated with another training company, which has chosen to closely imitate our skull & pick logo, as well as company motto ("Swift, Silent & Undetected"). This is an apparent attempt to deceive students into attending their course and unjustly benefit from our company's long-standing training quality and reputation." - LOCT Associates, LLC

Student 'hands-on' breakout sessions with instructor monitoring ensures success