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Please Read: Please Read: "LOCT Associates LLC is not associated with another training company, which has chosen to closely imitate our skull & pick logo, as well as company motto ("Swift, Silent & Undetected"). This is an apparent attempt to deceive students into attending their course and unjustly benefit from our company's long-standing training quality and reputation." - LOCT Associates, LLC

Lock Picking, Circumvention, Bypass & Surreptitious Techniques




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Covert entry training specialists

L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC provides specialized instruction in our Surreptitious & Covert Entry Specialist Training Courses to law enforcement, government and military personnel. The training provided by L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC is designed to teach the skills tactics and techniques required to surreptitiously & covertly conduct physical security system penetration. The techniques consist of lock picking, circumvention and/or by-passing in order to enter secure structures, containers and/or property. Our advanced course teaches techniques for high security locks and systems, as well as techniques to defeat and/or bypass security & burglar alarm systems.

This training course greatly benefits law enforcement, government and military personnel, such as: federal agents/Homeland Security personnel, patrol officers, detectives, SWAT & tactical operators, narcotics officers, probation & parole officers, fire/EMS first-responders, as well as military special forces members, etc. The subtle breaching techniques learned in this course can greatly benefit the following:

Sneak & peek warrants
Container Searches
SWAT operations & call-outs
Probation searches
Parole searches
Arrest warrants
Protest devices
Vehicle entries
Patrol calls for service
Access to secured areas
Narcotics investigations
Hostage rescue team staging
Establish 'fixed' surveillance posts
Counter-terrorism investigations
Police, Fire/EMS first-responders
Welfare checks
Security assessment of facilities and existing lock systems

The ability for law enforcement, government and military personnel to enter a secure location and leave undetected, is of paramount importance for sensitive investigations, such as major narcotics trafficking and/or terrorism. Officer safety and/or the element of surprise can also be increased, during tactical operations, by covertly gaining access to areas for SWAT & H.R.T. team staging, surveillance, entry preparation and sniper/observer positioning.

Aside from learning and practicing the skills used to defeat locks, this training also establishes a knowledge-based foundation for the student, which develops expertise. This expertise can be used to assist with investigating/identifying methods, tools and techniques criminals may also be utilizing; as well as identify weaknesses in existing security systems/devices.  

Sample Student Comments:

"Great course! Knowledgeable instructors who were motivated and engaged!" - U.S. Navy SEAL

"Outstanding all around!" - U.S. Navy SEAL

"Everything was well taught and covered, definitely learned a lot!" - U.S. Navy SEAL

"This course was one of the most professional that I have been through. Excellent course! - U.S. Navy SEAL

"Most professionally taught course I've been to!" - U.S. Navy SEAL
"Of particular note, the order in which material was presented created a basic foundation of knowledge then built on that. Great course!" - U.S. Navy SEAL 
"Awesome course! Thank you! - U.S. Navy SEAL

"The emphasis on utilizing an 'entry thought process' instead of just presenting a variety of bypass techniques was definitely the most valuable part of the course for me. The personal level of instruction and the hands-on breakouts were great, too! Overall, this is an outstanding course!" - NCIS Agent

 "I've been attending courses for 16 years in the military and this is the most professionally structured course I've been to...great class!" - USMC Force Recon/Counter-Intelligence Operator

"Worth every penny!"

This course is well-organized and provided the right amount of instruction vs. hands-on. Keep doing what you're doing!

Very up-to-date as locks change - excellent course!

"Thanks again for a great class! The Covert Entry II class was amazing!" (Advanced Class)

"I learned a lot in the 2-day class, but I learned 100 times even more in this class!" (Advanced Class)
 "Great class!" (Advanced Class)

"[Steve Trujillo is] like Jason Bourne!" (Advanced Class)

"Awesome class!" (Advanced Class)

"The 1:1 instructor to student ratio in class is great! Great class!"

"Best [training] I have been to in awhile!"

"Awesome class! Most definitely!"

"...very great class! Best I've ever been to!"

"I loved the course! I was exposed to a great number of techniques and got 'hands-on' practice with each."

"Best course I've ever been to in my 15 years as a police officer."

"Thank you, for a great class!" That was the best training I have had since Quantico."