Please Read:​ "LOCT Associates LLC is not associated with another training company, which has chosen to closely imitate our skull & pick logo, as well as company motto ("Swift, Silent & Undetected"). This is an apparent attempt to deceive students into attending their course and unjustly benefit from our company's long-standing training quality and reputation." - LOCT Associates, LLC

Lock Picking, Circumvention, Bypass & Surreptitious Techniques

 Hosting a Covert Entry Course is Simple:

  • Provide a suitable training room at your facility (domestic or international location). The course can be 'closed' or 'open' style (for more, please review our hosting sub-section listed on our scheduling page)


  • Schedule desired course dates with LOCT Associates, LLC


  • All course registrations, billing, announcements & correspondence are handled by L.O.C.T. Associates, LLC


  • Host agency receives ‘free’ training spots for their personnel in the class:

  1. 1 ‘free’ spot just for hosting the course
  2. 1 additional ‘free’ spot for every 10 registrants in the class (e.g. 10 reg. = 2 free spots; 20 reg. = 3 free spots, etc.)

  • To host a course, please contact us at: or (760) 887-2892